Astronomical Society of Bay County

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Currently, we meet often at various locations and at telescope observation sites. Call one of the people below (or e-mail one of us) for the exact time of the next meeting and for more precise directions. We welcome visitors.

In the following table, the N and S of the beginning of e-mail addresses is designed to avoid unsolicited advertisements from e-mail. Please remove this two-character sequence manually and delete spacing before actually attempting to use these to e-mail us.

Club Officers  
President Richard Millett, 850-387-5994   NSrmillett @
Vice Pres/Programs Bob Hess, 850-896-7075   NSbhess5 @
Website Editor Dick Suiter, 850-832-6454   NSsuiterhr @
Treasurer Carl Hurston, 850-785-8908   NSchurston @

Meetings / Upcoming Events

Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm.

Thur Oct 6
- Regular Meeting

On Oct 1, Dick Suiter met a group of Florida Trail Association members at their Hwy 20 trailhead. He took his 100-mm Mak-Cat and set up while they were taking an evening hike of 2.5 miles. By the time they returned, it was fairly dark and he was able to give a telescope show that included the planet Saturn (in Scorpius) and a very gibbous planet Mars (in Sagittarius). Because it was at a fairly dark location and the moon was new, he was also able to show some deep-sky objects. Included in these were M13, the Hercules globular, M31 and M32, galaxies in Andromeda, and M57, the Ring Nebula. A constellation session was held also. Transparency was about mag. 5 with a lot of natural skyglow. The Association closed up shop about 9 pm, and expressed enthusiasm about the event. Because of the moderate weather, a pleasant and enjoyable evening was had by all.

Meeting Location
Regular meetings are held at the Science and Discovery Center located at 308 Airport Rd, near the intersection of Jenks and Airport Road. Usually, we meet in the old Junior Museum building. Park in Airport Rd lot and walk to old building on Jenks through iron gate and gazebo. See map (loads slowly). Park at the building NW of Wilson funeral home and walk to the diamond-shaped roof.


New article (presentation I did about three years ago) about graphical almanacs under [Articles] tab.

Web Links - A free planetarium program, well worth the price! - A great site for tracking satellites and the space station. - Sky and Telescope magazine. - Cloudy nights telescope reviews. - Astronomy forum site. Lots of stuff on astrophotography. - Astronomy calculator and graphical almanac site. - Sky condition predictions for Panama City - Current Solar Information - XKCD Comic Strip

Club Telescopes

The telescopes will be used as an educational resource and for club Star Parties. When not being used for official club business, members in good standing will be able to check out the scopes for personal use.

Orion XT6 Telescope  Celestron Telescope 

Picture(s) of the Month

Milky Way Sparkleberry Pond snapshot: Aquila to Sagittarius
Milky Way Aquila to Sagittarius
Photo by Bob Hess. Annotation by Dick Suiter

Last updated 2 Oct 2016