Aurora borealis taken by a Fairbanks observer. I observed from there later that year. Also a rousing tune. satellite events and latest ground-based ephemeris calculations Stellarium planetarium main page guide and links to making your own mirror and mounting the legendary John Dobson making telescopes don't try this at home! Other than some good material about making fast polishing laps, doing it Dobson's way takes loads of experience. Assoc. Lunar and Planetary Observers sky calculations includes a graphical almanac Clear Dark Sky site giving likely local conditions for viewing Data from the Minor Planet Center Occultation timing organization International Dark Sky Association Night light viewer Exoplanet analysis volunteer org. Amer. Assoc. Variable Star Observers citizen science project classify galaxies and search for exoplanets Association of astronomy clubs things happening close to Earth One of two major mags devoted to astronomy The other magazine devoted to astronomy Charles and Ray Eames Powers of Ten video Crab nebula (1054 CE supernova remnant) ten year span H-R diagram main article Astronomy picture of the day search on "jmfloater" for John Massey's stuff look under "images" tab Nick Risinger's photopic sky survey

Messier catalog, Caldwell catalog, New General Catalog, Herschel 400 list


Constellation books: H.A. Rey, The Stars; Chet Raymo, 365 Starry Nights


Overall astronomy books: Ian Ridpath , Norton's 2000.0 Star Atlas. Dickinson & Dyer, Backyard Astronomer's Guide.